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Catch Neuter Vaccine Release Program (C.N.V.R)

CNVR this project will be conduct and sustain by Mutts&Mittens an Non-Governmental animal welfare societies and some other independent rescuers.

CNVR is a proven method which can help every country worldwide to reduce the number of strays in a very friendly manner. This is a method whereby we catch those stray dogs from street, send them for sterilizations, vaccinate (rabies vaccine) and insert microchip, release them back to street (If they are not adopted after sometimes), and manage by area volunteers.

Benefits of CNRVM

  • Control the Populations of Stray Dogs or Cats
  • Help to Reduce Human/Stray animal conflict
  • Control Spread of Contagious Deadliest Illness like Rabies

Below are the further details of how CNRVM will be conduct

  1. 1. Sectioning Ipoh into small area
  2. 2. Sectioning of volunteer
  3. 3. Catch & Neuter
  4. 4. Release

Once they are spayed, we will do marking on those spayed dogs or cats. Basically, we will follow these 3 methods to indicates those are spayed and community dogs.

Ear Marking

The removal of the tip of the ear must be implemented properly. The small procedure takes place under anaesthesia during the neutering/spaying process. The tip of the ear is removed with a straight cut by means of a clamp and scalpel; for kittens 3 mm, for adult cats not more than 1 cm.

ear_marking ear_marking

Ear Tag

Ear tags are attached by means of a metal clip or through a hole in the ear. Authority/volunteer can identify the dog is from which area and neuter by who by recognizing the numbers on the tag. The colour is also very visible and can be see from far

ear_tag ear_tag


The animal receives a hypodermically injected microchip (usually on the left side of the neck). This microchip can be registered and programmed with information. The number can be read out with a reading device.

microchip microchip

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