Success Story

A Story of Ugly Duck - Happiness Starting from a glimpse of Hope (Ban Ban)

Mutts&Mittens seldom take over puppy case, Ban Ban is one of the exception case. We found her with a body of severe skin problems when she was about 1 month old. A small little cute dog grown up later with a body of dirty grey with black spots. Her color is not so attractive as in people will see her as a dog with dirty looking. She have a quite good temperament as in she is quite tame and friendly with any human, but just a little bit of timid. We have decided to send him to 30 Nights of Strays and try our best to get her a home.

At the very begining, Ban Ban is quite reluctant to have any interaction with anyone in the house, even others dogs. There is only one dog who able to get along with her “Zhu Zhu”. Other than play with Zhu Zhu, the rest of the moment, she will just hiding at some where in the house.This has became a major worries of volunteer, a timid dog personality will a make her more difficult to get a home.

Without wasting any time, we have involved Ban Ban with a dog trainer named Yin Ying. The most grateful moment was Ban Ban is so outstanding, she is a fast learner and able to listen on simple commands like sit or hold hand. She have a lot of improvements in a short time. Can you imagine that how superb is her?

The times is still counting down and when the times turned to single day countdown,Ban Ban hard work has paid off! A couple came in and has decided to pick her as their new companion. Her life has change since that day, she is not homeless any more.

Some dog may have a very common outlooks, they may not be able to attract some one eyeballs, but we always believe that we can make the difference, ordinary dog will become special dog when they meet someone different in their life and change they whole life. We always hoping that, every dog is able to meet someone important in their life and to be treated like family members.

From : Volunteer~CK

醜小鴨的蛻變,幸福的起點從一絲希望開始 (斑斑)

M&M的救援case 281, 弃养案件。米家不救小狗,很多人都知道,除非是真的遇上了,不然我们总是能免则免,斑斑是少数几只从小到大都待在米家的狗狗。還是小狗的她有皮膚病長的光禿禿。長大了雖然沒有接受性比較低的黑色好但斑斑的颜色并非那么的讨喜,因为它是比较少见的一种颜色,很多人称为“龌龊”色,看起來就髒髒的。他的穩定和乖巧讓義工決定給牠一個找家的機會便來到了浪浪30夜。


通過兩個星期的學習,斑斑的情況開始好轉。渐渐地斑斑愿意出来,用有点好奇的目光留意着每一个进来的和出去的人,偶尔跑过去看着人家用餐,但是每当人家要摸它的时候它总是习惯性的退后。到我们一再努力下,斑斑总算是能让别人摸摸,疼下甚至抱起来,虽说它努力的改变,但是它那不太讨喜的颜色依然是引不起太多人的注意,到最后连竹竹都被领养了,它却还是无人问津。為了提高他們的領養機會與加分,另一位義工Yin Ying也加入給斑斑進行基本的簡單的訓練,雖然他怯場但牠卻非常聰明和努力,短短的一小時以內就能掌握Sit和down的指令。她为了找家,一直的在努力着学习,即使童年被人伤害到一个很严重的地步,卻還是在几个月时间里重新接受回人类,你能想象这是一件多么不容易的事吗?可是他做到了。就在她即將進入單日倒數時,有兩位領養人出現要領養斑斑。從帶來浪浪30夜,抱著試試的一絲希望到這裡成為她幸福的起點,斯文乖巧的她終於等到一個對的人,帶她回去一個不再需要流浪和被傷害的地方。


From : 義工CK Chong