Success Story

Life Saving Story - A Therapy dog which help to support a person's mental health by providing attention and comfort. (POPPY)

9TH of August, is a sunny day. M&M volunteer has to pick up a mama dog from Lahat area to M&M midway home. When she reached destination and picked up mama dog, she heard some noise came from a small cage at one corner, her heart was stunned because she found a poodle with all her hair messed up together with her faeces and urine.Her living condition is horrible. Volunteer has no reason to left her behind, with no doubt, she has picked her up and clean up her and re-allocated her at fosterer home while waiting for re home. We have no idea she is abandoned by someone or a lost dog. Most probably is abandoned we guess.

Meanwhile, we have came across with a teenage girl with the age of 13 years old. She suppose to have a good teenage moment with all the happiness things happen around her. Sadly, she has gone though school bullying.School bullying occurs when someone harasses, torments, threatens or humiliates someone else. This is a heart wrenching story and it truly happen time to time. Nat has turned her personality to a silent and quite girl due to this reason. She was not dare to share her problems to her family due to those bullies has warn her about not to tell anyone, if she do so, they will threaten her family members.

Her family noticed about her change and quickly seek for medication help.After check up, doctor not able to find out the reason and has refer her to seek for Psychological treatments. After she has gone through some sections with doctor, she has managed to expressed what has she gone thought at school. Since they have found out the root cause, with no time wasting, doctor re commanded her to adopt a companion dog. 30 Nights of Strays was chosen. Nat and her family has decided to adopt Poppy.

The first week after Nat stay with Poppy, her condition has started to have some positive change. Her mind was more peaceful and calm and able to sleep well. As long as Nat at home, Poppy will stick together with her. Poppy is just like a shadow of Nat, where ever is Nat, where ever is Poppy. When Nat went to school, Poppy will stay at home and waiting for her to back home quietly. Poppy has played an important role in Nat recovery as a therapy dogs are sometimes called 'comfort dogs'. They support a person's mental health by providing attention and comfort. Their sweet demeanors and unconditional love may have a therapeutic benefit to those who face difficult health challenges.

Nat even told us she want to become a YouTuber in future and through her influence she want to share her experience on this on how she gone through and walked out from her darkest moment. Nat told volunteer that Poppy is an angel and sent by God. The word of ‘’DOG’’ when you turn around, it will become GOD. Dog is send by God to let more people understand about what is love and how should a life should be appreciate. We have saved a dog life, but the dog has save a girl life! What a miracle story! We hope that every dog can be love and they deserve to have a forever home.

From : Volunteer~Janet

拯救生命,以生命影響生命 (Poppy)

8月9日天氣很好,今天終於安排到時間去接Lahat媽媽到米家去。開了車門正要帶Lahat 媽媽帶上車時,義工姐姐發現角落有個小籠子正發出一些聲音。掀開蓋著布的籠子一看發現一隻黑漆漆毛髮打結成一團團和自己的食物和排泄物的黑貴賓擠在一個不到6平方呎的籠子裡。雖然生活環境沒有很好可是這傢伙卻樂天的搖著尾巴~ 是棄養的是走失的?無所得知。就這樣她變成了義工姐姐這趟救援的“贈送品”。剪了一身骯髒的毛髮寄養在愛媽家等待她的生命中的那位~




Poppy回家一個星期,檸檬媽媽便在浪浪30夜留言說Nat的情況和心情有了正面的改變和幫助,心情平復很多並找回了Nat的初心。在家只要有Nat在Poppy就會在身邊。一起吃飯,一起睡覺,一起看tom & Jerry。Nat出門Poppy會趴在門前等著她回家,回家跟他聊天問Poppy過得怎麼樣,上網學習跳舞Poppy也會靜靜的看著Nat曼妙的舞姿。。。



沒錯很多人說DOG反過來就是GOD, 是上天派來的天使,讓人們學會愛與珍惜。

身為一名動保義工,我們第一考量是狗狗的生活,從來沒認真想過這趟救援救對主人的影響到底有多大,這件事卻讓我們發現我們救的不再只是一隻狗狗的世界,更是一個人的內心世界。一個以生命影響生命的故事~ 但願每隻狗狗都能找到他們的家,但願世界都能選擇善良~

From : 義工~Janet