Success Story

The Impact of Pets in Emotional Therapy

In the picture, there are several psychologists from a clinic specializing in emotional therapy. They have come to know about the existence of '30 Nights of Strays' through online and they strongly believes in the principles of education, adoption, finding good home for them, and the belief that every life is equally valuable regardless of breed.

In the field of emotional and psychological therapy, pets play an incredibly important role, as many people say, 'It's not that I saved my cat/dog, but rather it saved me.'

Coincidentally, a day later, a couple of parents brought their child with Down syndrome to find a suitable dog for adoption. After a detailed interview, we came to know that they already have a dog at home, and the dog has become accustomed to the child's behaviors, such as getting excited and hugging the dog while shouting loudly. The parents also mentioned that ever since they had a dog, their child's emotions have been more stable.

Based on this information and the child's condition, we will select three dogs with cheerful and caring personalities. We have agreed to meet this Friday at '30 Nights of Strays' for the choosing process. If successful, we will share a post to see which dog has taken this important role.

From : Volunteer~Joelle






From : 義工~Joelle