Success Story

Tiger stripes cat 'Pupu'

Tiger stripes cat name Pupu is a cat that was abandoned with cage by his owner and left at the doorstep of 30 Night of Strays. Fortunately, the person who abandoned cat is willing to bear Pupu boarding fees and accommodation expenses until a new adopter is found. While the past cannot serve as a precedent, he still willing to bear a part of his responsibilities,betting than nothing.

On the other hand, Fairy is a cat that suffered from a severe accident. One night, just as our 30 Night of Strays was about to close, we received a call from Fairy's rescuer. Due to the substantial medical expenses we have incurred from previous rescues, coupled with the increasing number of requests for help we receive daily, we had to request each rescuer to bear a portion of the medical costs for each rescue case. After agreeing on the terms, we took over on Fairy's rescue case.

For over a month after being rescued, Fairy had no appetite and the veterinarian suspected she is suffering from temporary amnesia related to the severe trauma from the accident, causing her to forget how to eat. Its vision was also not fully restored due to the severe head injury. We were extremely concerned that it might not recover and be unable to live like a normal cat. However, after three months of effort, appropriate medical care, repeated check-ups, care, and nutritional support, Fairy's health finally stabilized. The only remaining issue is a sensitive nasal passage that causes occasional runny nose due to the previous trauma.

During these few months, Fairy's rescuer also visited and stated that they had raised funds for Fairy through online. In the end, the rescuer fulfilled their promise and transferred all the raised funds to Fairy's rescue case. If every rescuer is willing to cooperate and work together like this, we can go much further on this rescue journey, rather than just making a rescue call and feeling that they have done a good deed before leaving. We apologize that we cannot personally provide all the medical care for the rescued animals.

When the adopters of Pupu and Fairy came to inquire about the adoption conditions, they expressed their desire to adopt both cats so that they can keep each other as companion. The adopters have no excessive requirements for the cats, as long as the two can get along together, and they don't mind Fairy's imperfections. After all, the adopters are experienced pet owners. In this way, these two cats with remarkable stories were adopted together.

From : Volunteer~Joelle




在被救援回来后的一个多月时间里,仙侣完全不懂得进食,被医生怀疑是在车祸的严重创伤之后暂时性的失忆,忘了如何进食,眼睛视力也因为头部受过严重撞击,还没完全恢复。我们都非常担心它无法痊愈,以后就无法像一般猫咪那样生活。可是好在三个多月的 努力,适当的医疗,反复的复诊,照料和营养品攻足之下,仙侣健康总算稳定了下来。只是曾经严重的创伤后导致鼻腔方面较为敏感而容易流涕。



From : 義工~Joelle