Success Story

From Free Adoption to Lifelong Love: A Heartwarming Tale of Responsibility and Commitment

Time flies, and this happened 8 years ago when I had just started doing animal rescues. At that time, they were just primary school students. At the adoption drive at Ipoh Old Town, I shouted loudly, 'Free adoption!' Their mother brought them to our booth. After some discussion and promises, their mother agreed to let them adopt this small little puppy. This adoption families was one of the adoption cases that I can remember clearly until today, because how amazing the mother taught their kids about the responsibility to own a pet and also it was a lifelong commitment too.

In preparation for welcoming their new family member, they took out CNY Ang Pau savings. Although the amount was not much, it was an important start for them. They prepared everything needed to care for the dog and showcased their love and responsibility towards this little puppy.

Now, the young boy has also graduated from university. By looking at their adoption photo and graduation photo together with the dog (Hom Hom), I feel touching and warm as it is not only that the dog found a good home but also shows years of effort have yielded positive results. There is still hope in this world.

'You accompanied me through my growth, and I will accompany you through aging.' These sentences keep echoing in my heart. With the consent of the “grown-up” boy, I would like to share this story with everyone, passing on this warm and love. May every fur kid will meet families like them.

From : Volunteer~Janet







From : 義工~Janet